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Recurring Commissions

All our premium membership plans are recurring, which means, you’ll be paid a continued payment for months and years to come.*

25% Commissions

Earn 25% commissions on every sale you make simply by driving traffic to our site. We’ll do the rest. All commissions are recurring!

Tracking and Statistics

High-standard link tracking technology with detailed statistics. Create unique campaigns to help determine the best performance within your promotions.

Why Become an Affiliate Today?

Let’s take a quick look at why our affiliate program is so advantageous…

Multilevel Marketing

We can be part of our Multi-level marketing system and grow your network, this system is also known as direct marketing or network marketing, which is a method of selling products directly to consumers. You will receive a commission from your sales and from the sales of your network.

You can increase your revenue by more than $4,000 from your network per month.

Join our affiliate program now, for FREE!

Join our affiliate program today

As an affiliate, you’ll be proud to promote our site and enjoy recurring commissions for many years to come. As an affiliate member, you’ll get access to all our resources such as a unique URL.

Join our affiliate program now, for FREE!

Start earning commissions today

As an affiliate, you can start promoting as fast as today and earn commissions within 3 easy steps:

  • Create your account FREE!.
  • Refer visitors to StudieSpot.
  • Start receiving 25% commissions when they purchase any product.
  • Create your own affiliate network and receive 25% of the commissions they receive

Earn 25% recurring commissions when your network affiliates become Premium Affiliate members

Join our affiliate program now, for FREE!

Reward system

Earn more by creating your own affiliate network. Below is a table indicating the percentages you can earn:

  • 25% commission rate for all your direct sells
  • 25% commission rate for all your direct Premium Affiliate Membership renewal
  • 25% commission rate from your indirect Affiliated Members revenue.

The Premium Affiliates Membership commission is recurring payments every year, from your direct and indirect affiliates.

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Revenue sharing

We share up to 75% of revenue on every opportunity that is referred and closed. This means, that all you have to do is send traffic our way, and we’ll do the rest and when the deal is closed, you’ll get up to 75% commission on all sales made (this rate includes your direct and indirect Affiliates Members)

Since they’re some recurring commissions, you’ll get up to 75% on the initial payment and up to 75% on all recurring payments (consider your potential entire network, *until the member cancels their Premium plan).

Join our affiliate program now, for FREE!

Valuable insights

With our easy to use affiliates program, you’ll get your own dashboard where you can track most of every move from your visitors you refer to us with direct link tracking technology, registered leads, track pipelines, all your closed referred deals, detailed statistics, and campaign tracking by creating your very own campaigns (which helps you to determine which promotion tactics are performing best for you).

Join our affiliate program now, for FREE!

Join our affiliate program now, for FREE!


StudiSpot affiliate program is where you get a commission for every customer you refer to us. Upon signup, you’ll be given a special affiliate URL. When a user buys any product or becomes a Premium Affiliate Member as a result of visiting your affiliate URL, you will receive a commission.

All payouts will be by PayPal. We even offer Payoneer or self-invoicing (by sending us an invoice) for members who specify this to us by contacting us directly when the payout period is up. All affiliates will need to make over $25 to be paid out.

All affiliates who successfully make a sale/s by sending visitors from your unique affiliate URL will receive a 25% commission per sale on all our paid plans. All plans are recurring.

  • Direct Affiliate Member: 25%
  • Indirect Affiliate Member (till level 5): 25% (refer to the revenue from the affiliate and not the sales value)

We offer refunds on a case-by-case basis. If a charge is refunded back to a customer within the 30-day period, this will be deducted from your pending commissions. In rare circumstances, if a refund is conducted after the 30-day period, this will be deducted from your next month or future commissions.

You will be our Affiliate Member for a period of 3 months, without payment, at the end of the six months if you want to continue being our Affiliate you will have to upgrade to a Premium Affiliate Member.

90 days. A cookie will be stored on the user’s browser for this time period. If a user purchases any plan within this time period, you will get a commission.

Use your affiliate link anywhere you want to promote StudieSpot products. Whenever someone clicks the link and lands on StudieSpot (, a cookie will be stored in their browser for 90 days. If they purchase any of our products within this period, you will receive a commission, if they became an Affiliate Member they will be part of your network and you will receive a commission from their sales as well.

Yes. If they sell any product you will get the commission and if they decide to upgrade their existing account after trying out the free plan, you will get the commission as well. This is actually a really good method as we see a 40% conversion on all free plans after the 3 month period, as a lot of people like to test out the site as a free member before becoming a premium member. So, this is a great marketing strategy you can implement to get users to sign up for free.

All commissions are subjected to a 30-day pending period. Payout dates are executed every 15th-21th of every month after you (the affiliate) have pending commissions over the 30-day period. We’ll consolidate all commissions from the previous 30-days.

Yes. We have a dedicated affiliates support team that will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding our affiliates program.

Join our affiliate program now, for FREE!

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General Question and Answers

Multilevel marketing is a legitimate business strategy that is commonly used by businesses that rely on sales to generate revenue.

Unlike traditional sales channels, multilevel marketing programs involve the use of networks for sales and to recruit new participants. As such, they’re often referred to as network marketing.

Here’s how it works. Individuals are brought into the business network as independent business salespeople.

For more information please check this video

An affiliate program refers to the package you create for your product, which is then made available to potential publishers. The program will generally include details of the product, the retail value of the product, commission levels, and promotional materials. Many affiliate programs are managed via an affiliate network like Awin, which acts as a platform to connect publishers and advertisers, but it is also possible to offer your program directly.

Dropshipping allows you to run an online store without having to stock products. You advertise the products as if you owned them, but when someone makes an order you then create a duplicate order with the company at a reduced price. The distributor takes care of the post and packaging on your behalf.

As affiliate marketing is based on referrals, when a customer buys through the affiliate link the affiliate does not have to handle any money as the customer is taken directly to the merchant’s site to complete the purchase. The sale is tracked through cookies and a commission paid out to the referring affiliate. The main difference is affiliate marketing does not require the affiliate to fulfill the sales process or handle customer support. As a dropshipper, you are still responsible for the sales procedure, even though you do not handle any inventory.

Performance marketing is a method of marketing that encompasses different price structures, dependent on the performance of the ad. Examples include how many times the product is viewed or clicked, or how often a sale is made. It includes methods like pay-per-click or display advertising.

Affiliate marketing is a form of performance marketing as commissions are paid on performance, which is generally when a sale is made.

Yes, it is possible.

Smartphones are essentially computers in miniature, so they can display the same websites and affiliate offers that a PC can. However, mobiles also have specific tools not-so-readily available on computers, and these can be used to good effect for publishers.

When setting up an ad it can be optimized for mobile users, making it easy for this audience to access the offer. Publishers can also make good use of text and instant messaging promotions. As the mobile market is predicted to make up 80% of traffic in the future, publishers not only can promote on mobile devices but they are missing a big trick if they are not.

The easiest way to deal with unscrupulous behavior is to sign up to our affiliate network and publish your program on the network’s platform. Networks are skilled at compliance monitoring, which helps to prevent potential issues from arising.

Yes, you can.

Our affiliate programs can be promoted in any country that has a need for our product.

With the expected growth in spending set to increase, affiliate marketing is certainly still expanding and growing. Affiliate marketing and influencer marketing have been ‘ruling the world of marketing and this potent combination looks set to continue on its growth curve. By utilizing both methods in tangent, expect to see affiliate marketing go from strength to strength. 

Affiliate marketing is here to stay, even though it is likely to evolve and adapt to the changes that e-commerce throws at it. For example, Awin predicts that tech tracking will be in the spotlight, leading to companies reviewing their current software. There’s also debate on the effect consolidation of some of the bigger affiliate marketing companies will have on the industry as a whole, as well as discussion on how International trade disagreements could have a less than positive impact on e-commerce growth across borders. However, the close relationships that publishers have with their consumers will likely stand the industry in good stead, as many marketers look to move to the ‘Direct to Consumers’ model.

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